Champaklal Damani Broke Partnership With Reliance Company

Birth of Reliance 

There are many people, and they have many stories, but there are few who break the queue and easily recognised one of them in India is Shri Dhirubhai Ambani. The visionary who don’t need any recognition but a salute for his courage and wisdom. Reliance a petrochemical factory and first in India to do business in Polyester fibre, company has a big plant in Jamnagar (Gujarat).  

Reliance was started in a partnership with Champaklal Damani but soon the partnership ended and Dhirubhai himself worked hard and took Reliance to the next level. The front runner of Reliance Dhirubhai was a petrol pump attendant and his dream to do something made him Successful. 

Google Image: Dhirubhai Ambani & Chamaklal Damani

Business of Reliance industries

Reliance has ventured into every business and almost every endeavour of theirs made them successful. Whether Textile, Retail, Petroleum, Petrochemicals they all have benefitted the company growth. Companies come and go but this company is India’s largest company and have maintained their reputation to be the best in business since decades and no one is able to achieve success as they did. Started with a meagre amount borrowed from the market on interest and it was the first and last time Reliance borrowed from the market. They bought a wooden table and two chairs nobody thought a petrol pump attendant would go out of his limit to achieve the success which only few could achieve in their life or dream for it.

Success of Reliance

Google Image: Reliance Board of Directors

Reliance is India’s biggest conglomerate which employees more than 50,000 thousand people and known for their contribution to India’s GDP. The latest venture for their company is JIO which has shaken the telecom business and due to them data prices have gone down and consumer is benefited a lot. Any business they touch becomes the talk of the country now the firm is headed by Asia’s richest person and son of Dhirubhai (Mr Mukesh Ambani ). Reliance is now a 2 -4 lakh crore company and still humble and growing at its pace. For growth in your life respect others and focus on your goal.

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